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virtual ceremony

december 12, 2020


we are excited to virtually celebrate your accomplishments on december 12. it is our hope that you will participate in the virtual commencement ceremony. many of you have questions about what that ceremony will look like, what to do with your regalia, and how you can still celebrate this milestone with your friends and family. to help answer your questions, we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions.


just because the ceremony can’t happen doesn’t mean the personal celebration of your major accomplishment should end completely! the covid-19 pandemic has forced us to think outside the box in how we go about our daily lives—that can be true for how we celebrate personal milestones as well. we encourage graduates who have purchased regalia to continue to use it in personal celebrations.
additional ways to celebrate

returning regalia?

regalia can be returned to the isu bookstore only if it is unopened. the return must be accompanied by a receipt.

jostens does not accept returns on personalized items like announcements. however, they do have a way for you to print out an insert with the new date.
download a template to print or insert into your announcement mailing with editable date, time and place information. 

virtual ceremony format

the virtual ceremony will incorporate most of the elements you would expect to see at our in-person ceremony. viewers will watch a formal processional where each college is represented. you will hear inspiring addresses from idaho state’s president and the student commencement speaker. undergraduates can signify their achievement with the traditional move of their tassels. graduate students will have a moment for family or friends to hood them. and, most importantly, each graduate will hear their name called and be highlighted individually with a custom slide.
how to participate and customize your slide

the ceremony will be pre-recorded. it will not be a zoom conference where graduates are shown live. this will make it possible for you to watch the ceremony right when it is posted online on december 12, 2020 at 2pm, or watch it at your convenience any time after that. your experience will be the same regardless of when you watch it.

we encourage graduates to immerse themselves in the experience and use the virtual ceremony as a truly celebratory moment. your level of participation in the event depends on how you watch it. you can passively watch or follow the instructions to stand, hood, move the tassel, etc. you can watch it alone or experience it with a small group of family and friends. you can watch it on your cell phone or cast it to a big screen tv. remember to think outside the box and truly make this a celebration of your accomplishment!

i didn’t rsvp for the ceremony, can i still be in the virtual ceremony?

yes, all fall and summer 2020 graduates will be included in the virtual ceremony, regardless of whether they rsvped for the in-person ceremony. in addition, those spring 2020 graduates who submitted an rsvp for the winter ceremony, originally scheduled for november 21, will be included automatically. if you are a spring 2020 graduate and did not rsvp that you would attend the winter commencement, you will not be included in the virtual ceremony.

i already rsvped for the in-person ceremony, am i all set for thevirtual ceremony?

even those who rsvped for the in-person winter ceremony must submit their personal information if they would like a customized experience in the virtual ceremony.

how to participate and customize your slide

participation in the virtual ceremony is open to all summer and fall 2020 grads, whether you were originally planning to attend the november 21 ceremony or not. our partner vendor, stageclip, will be emailing a form to you to submit your information for the slide, including a photo if you wish. please continue to check your email, and look for stageclip’s message the week before thanksgiving. the deadline to submit your content for the slides is december 1. those of you who previously submitted an rsvp to participate in the november 21 ceremony should still fill out the stageclip form.

march through the arch

a march through the arch event will not take place for the winter 2020 commencement. in lieu of the traditional march through the arch, we offered each graduate a complimentary professional photo taken at swanson arch. (photo sessions occurred on november 13 and 17.)

graduation celebration boxes

prior to the december 12 ceremony, custom celebration boxes will be mailed to each graduate. these boxes will include items like confetti poppers to help you celebrate during the ceremony and also a few keepsakes to commemorate this special occasion. boxes will be mailed to the address on your graduation application.


additional ways to celebrate 

just because the in-person ceremony has been cancelled doesn’t mean your personal celebrations should end completely. this is a big deal--create a celebration worthy of your accomplishments!  your celebrations might look different than you planned, but if covid-19 has taught us’s how to think outside the box!

  • have a small viewing celebration of the virtual ceremony with your close covid cohort. wear your regalia. celebrate with confetti from the celebration box. don’t forget to take pictures!
  • take photos of yourself around campus wearing your regalia, especially in front of landmarks and buildings that played a big role in your bengal experience.  
  • graduates with advanced degrees: take photos of being hooded by family or roommates, either during the virtual ceremony or at another time.
  • host a virtual dinner party with family and friends.
  • come get a free professional portrait in your regalia at swanson arch. the images are a gift from the university. (photo sessions already occurred)
  • frame your complimentary professional photo taken at swanson arch and display it proudly!
  • make to share photos on social media with the hashtag #isugrads2020 so that we can all celebrate together.
  • parents/friends: create a video or slideshow about your graduate...hilarious baby pictures are a must!
  • parents/friends: encourage loved ones to send video greetings to your grad.
  • use your imaginations! what will make your celebrations especially memorable? let us know your ideas and we’ll share them with others!